Blog: Patterns Of Meaning

It’s not easy to make sense of everything that goes on in the world around us. From hi-tech gadgets to climate change, it sometimes seems like a jumble of random noise continually barraging us.  This blog looks underneath the daily noise to identify the patterns of meaning that drive our modern world – and invites a way to construct our own meaning to make sense of it all.

Hands on cave wall

Each of us sees the world according to patterns of meaning that are ultimately derived from our worldview – a set of assumptions about how things work: how our society functions, its relationship with the natural world, what’s valuable and what’s possible. Our worldview often remains unquestioned and unstated but is deeply felt and underlies many of the choices we make in our lives. We form our worldview implicitly as we grow up, from our family, friends and culture, and once it’s set, we’re barely aware of it unless we’re presented with a different worldview for comparison.

This blog explores the hidden patterns underlying what goes on in our world and invites the reader to explore their own patterns of meaning they may take for granted within their worldview. Ultimately, it’s only by changing our global civilization’s pattern of meaning that we’ll make it through the crises facing our world – and we all have a part to play.


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